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Cemetery Information

Spring is here, which means that the mowing and trimming in the parish cemetery has started. If you have a loved one buried in the cemetery, please pick up old artificial flowers, wreaths, or Christmas items from their graves. …Read More

Prayer Chain & Prayer List

Would you like to know the difference between the Prayer Chain and the Prayer List?

The Prayer Chain refers to the immediate prayer ministry already in place in the parish. If you or your loved ones are in need of immediate prayers, you may call the church office at 639-3748 or contact Tammy Gladding at 639-6008 to be placed on the chain.

The Prayer List is a new ministry started by Father Ryan. The bulletin for the first Sunday of each month will have an insert with a list of name requesting prayers. You must call the church office to be placed on the bulletin’s list.

Your intentions may be included on both. These both offer a wonderful way for our parish family to pray for one another.