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3rd Grade

In third grade, students become more aware that they have power over their own success. Whether academic, spiritual, or social, students learn to recognize that they are ultimately responsible for the outcomes of their choices.

The more times students have a chance to succeed at “doing things” the more they believe in themselves, and the more enthusiastic they are to reach higher to learn more.  Students have unique learning styles.  Third graders work with manipulatives, experience the Smart Board, and create projects to enhance their learning and meet individual learning styles. Junior Achievement, Accelerated Reading, Aleks (individual online Math Program) and Spanish programs are integrated into the classroom experience as well as guest speakers and field trips.

The state requires every 3rd grader in Indiana to take the IREAD  test in March.  I have implemented practice and review lessons to prepare students for this test.  We have had excellent scores on the IREAD test since it was mandated in 2012.

Another important aspect of the third-grade learning environment is the expectation that children must share the gifts which God has given them. Jesus asks each one of us to serve others. Our classroom is a place where the children learn firsthand that they have the power to help others and make a difference. We enrich our faith by attending Mass twice a week at which the students do the reading, responsorial psalm, petitions, and carry up the gifts. Reading, writing, and reciting prayers are also part of our daily activities. Students learn to recognize that their needs are not the only ones which need to be met and that they can play a part in creating a successful classroom where everyone can feel supported and successful.

St. Joseph Hessen Cassel third graders are “Learning for Life and Living the Faith”.

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