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4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


We come together as a community to help each other expand upon our God-given talents.  Fourth grade is an awesome age as we begin to bridge the gaps between lower and upper elementary school!

Fourth graders will have exposure to a variety of technology, large and small group instruction, hands-on activities, and other real-life opportunities to master their learning.
We will be covering lots of fun and interesting topics!
*These topics in Science will range from learning about our ecosystems to our Earth’s surface and its natural resources, and even includes the early introduction of electricity and other properties of matter.
*In Math we will continue to master our multiplication and division facts along with the addition and subtraction of larger numbers.  Area and perimeter of more complex shapes, lots of exposure to fractions, measurement, and data analysis will help to round out our math.  Math can be mastered by having exposure to solving the same problems using several different methods.
*Our main topic in Social Studies is all about our rich history in the state of Indiana!  We will have time to research which Native American tribes called Indiana home, how Indiana became a state, famous Hoosiers, our Indiana government, and the three different geological regions of Indiana.  Who knew we had a lot happen here?!
*Reading and Language Arts will continue to be built upon from years prior.  We will take these skills and help to refine them to help grow our abilities and make us even better readers and writers.

*What kind of a Saint are you?  In Religion, we will have the awesome opportunity to learn about our Saints, research, present, and dress up like one too!  Attending Mass, going to Confession, and participating in acts of service will help us walk in our faith.

Communication is essential.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns!  Together as a team, we will see your child grow academically, socially, and spiritually!
I look forward to seeing what God has in mind for all of us!
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Mrs. Kassie Ripple – Fourth Grade Teacher



Mrs. Jessica Skordos – Teaching Assistant