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4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade is very exciting for many reasons.  Like all other years, we are learning for life and living our faith!

One reason the fourth grade is exciting is that it is the only year students will study Indiana History in social studies.  This is awesome because students get to learn all about their own state. Then, at the end of the year, the class takes a trip to Indy to tour the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Track and Museum!

Reason two is the fun things we learn in math, science, and religion. In math, we learn double digit multiplication and long division. In science, a few fun lessons include rocks and minerals, space, and the students’ favorite lesson is the day we make silly putty! In religion, we learn the rosary and beatitudes and we study the saints. In November we dress as saints and attend the All School Mass at the Coliseum. Click photo for full size!

We take several field trips in the fourth grade also. Besides our trip to Indy, we usually visit the Planetarium at the University of St. Francis. We will take a trip to the History Museum and downtown Library to research our state reports. We have already visited the stone quarry and McMillen Health Center.

Fourth Grade is a wonderful year to experience things you will not get to experience any other year at this school!

We are creating state reports! Here are some resources:

Visit our Accelerated Reader page (only functional at school).

AR book finder website:


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