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Fort Wayne, Indiana


4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!


“Ladies and Gentlemen…start your engines!” We have an exciting year of exploring and learning ahead as we race into 4th grade! Two of the highlights of the year are our saint projects and learning about Indiana’s history. Fourth grade is truly a special year as students prepare to transition into independent learners.
The Saint projects will include a research paper, presentation,  and showcase as our students dress up as their chosen saint. The 4th graders will also have. a special part during the Feast of All Saints and the All Schools Mass with Bishop Rhoades.
Our state has a rich history just waiting to be discovered! We will embark on field trips that enhance learning about the people and special features that make Indiana unique.  Students will also complete a “Famous Hoosier ” project as we learn about our most famous fellow citizens.
I feel privileged to accompany your child on his or her educational journey! It is my hope our 4th graders will begin to assume greater ownership of their learning and discover their special gifts. Together, we can build a community of adventurers who are truly “Learning for Life and Living the Faith. “
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Mrs. Jill Schuckel