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Kingdom Builders

What can you expect at a Kingdom Builders Gathering?
Kingdom Builders inspires women to discover their unique design through laughter, learning and love of the Father, revealing their path to peace and joy. Women of all faiths gather each month for 90 minutes to be transformed by their heavenly Father. The evening begins with a teaching that is relevant and applicable to any woman’s life. We conclude with Praise and Worship and silence in Eucharist Adoration.
Gatherings are the 3rd Thursday of month at the church at 7pm.  Come and see what the Holy Spirit has in store for you!
What are some common questions we hear?
Q – “Do I have to speak or share?”
A- No, you simply get to come and just listen, pray & receive.

Q- “What if I have missed other Gatherings, will I
know what is going on?”
A- Yes! Every month is a new topic and does not build on the previous month’s teaching. Please join us any
month you are able. A Gathering Companion is provided and guides you through the evening so there is no need to worry if this is your first time, you will know exactly what is going on.

Q- “What happens at a Gathering?”
A- The first 45 minutes you listen to a teaching. The 1st part of the teaching is presented via video by Mary Jo Parrish (founder of Kingdom Builders). Her topics are new each month (based on scripture readings) and are relevant to any woman’s life. She enjoys bringing laughter, wisdom, and inspiration into her presentations. The 2nd part of the teaching is presented by a St. Joe HC core team member and further expands on Mary Jo’s monthly topic.

Q- “What else happens at a Gathering?”
A- After the teaching, there is time for quiet prayer and Adoration. If you have never been to Adoration, please do not worry as the Gathering Companion explains all you need to know. One of the most beautiful parts of the evening is listening to the beautiful contemporary music sung during Adoration time. It truly is a moving experience to be a part of.

Q- “Are babies welcome?”
A- Absolutely! Your babies are the future of our church. If you need to bring them with you, we welcome them.
How can I learn more about Kingdom Builders?
Check out the website at: