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Christ the Teacher Award

Christ the Teacher Award (formerly Light of Learning)

The Christ the Teacher Award is bestowed upon one teacher in each of the Catholic schools in our diocese to recognize teaching excellence. The recipient gets a certificate, is recognized at the You Can Lend a Hand Luncheon during Catholic Schools Week, and has their name etched forever on the list of past winners.
Teachers are nominated by the school community based on the following criteria:

  1. Has taught at a diocesan school for two years, is licensed, and is full-time.
  2. Catholic model- Acts in a Christlike manner, follows the example of Christ and lives according to what the Church teaches.
  3. Student motivation- Does the teacher motivate students?
  4. Involvement in extracurricular activities at the school.
  5. Is the teacher knowledgeable of the subjects he/she teaches?  Does he/she keep up with current information in the area of study?
  6. Ability to relate- Does the teacher relate well to students? Do the students respect the teacher? Does the teacher manage the classroom well?

Congratulations to this year’s winner:

Mrs. Joy Marquardt

Past Light of Learning award winners:

2023   Mrs. Carol Sarasien

2022   Mrs. Angela Whitman

2021    Mr. Kurt Homan

2020   Mrs. Tori Litchfield

2019    Mrs. Carol Sarasien

2018    Mr. Kurt Homan

2017    Mr. Brett Rupright

2016    Mrs. Emily Nichter

2015    Mrs. Judy Prince

2014    Mrs. Angela Whitman

2013    Mr. Brett Rupright

2012   (St. Joe did not award a winner.)

2011   Mrs. Carol Sarasien

2010   (St. Joe did not award a winner.)

2009   Mrs. Emily Nichter

2008   Mrs. Melissa (Wagner) White

2007   Mrs. Kathy Hartenstein

2006   Ms. Cheryl Layton

2005   Mrs. Jami Halsey

2004   Mrs. Ellen Douglas

2003   Mrs. Cindy Givens

2002   Mrs. Carol Sarasien

2001   Unknown

2000   Mrs. Angela Whitman

1999  Mrs. Paula Barnes

1998   Mrs. Kathy Hartenstein

1997   Mrs. Pat Wyss

1996   Mrs. Judy Prince

1995   Mrs. Carol Sarsien