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When you pick up your child from preschool and they have a smile from ear to ear with a special sparkle in their eye, they can’t wait to tell you about their day, and they are excited to return again, you know that you have found that special place to send him or her for preschool. St. Joseph Hessen Cassel is that place.

I introduce the students to kindergarten curriculum, so that they are better prepared for kindergarten. Mrs. Hartenstein and I work together to make the transition from preschool to kindergarten smooth.

We participate in the celebration of Mass once a week as well as religion lessons and frequent prayer. I help communicate Christ’s teachings to the students in easy to understand lessons.

My children, as I refer to them, go home singing the songs that we sing in class. Their folders are full with fun activities and craft projects. We attend field trips and have parent involved holiday parties.

I keep the lines of communication open to all of the parents of my students. I invite parents to ask questions and voice all concerns. Working together with parents provides a solid education plan for your child.

I welcome all parents interested in

our preschool program to contact either the school or me directly. I would be happy to answer any questions and meet with you if you would like. Come visit the classroom and see the things that the children are working on! You will be amazed!

Mrs. Sara Bear – Preschool teacher



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It was family day in preschool. We all shared pictures of our families.