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Doodle 4 Google!

Doodle 4 Google!

Google is one of the few companies that not only allow, but encourage, tinkering with its logo. You have seen dozens of doodles on the search engine in the past, celebrating Doodle 4 Google: with Mr. Flapan!people, landmarks, holidays, and more. Now it is your turn!  It is time for Google’s annual Doodle 4 Google contest!
Conducted since 2008, K-12 students from all over the USA create their own Google doodle, based on the Google logo (the contest is conducted separately in other countries).

Each year also features a different theme.  Mr. Flapan will tell you the theme for this year, and you can find it through the links below.
Prizes include a trip to computers, money for technology for your school, a trip to Google headquarters, and the winning doodle will grace Google’s actual search page for a day!

Contest criteria:

  • Creativity: work must be original and incorporate the Google logo.
  • Artistic merit: based on age and artistic skill.
  • Theme: How well the theme is expressed in the artwork.
  • Title your doodle.
  • Type a supporting statement. Discuss your process. Explain your doodle, and how your doodle portrays the theme (3-5 sentences).
  • You can use the outline below as a starting point (optional).
  • One submission per artist.

So now it is your turn.  Create a doodle based on the above.  You can use Paint, or any graphics program. Your grade is based on the above, with the exception of artistic skill (just do your best!).

The date that this activity is due varies among grades. Mr. Flapan will announce yours.  Don’t forget to make backups!

If you would like to submit your doodle to Google for official entry into the contest, inform Mr. Flapan, and you will get the proper forms and assistance (parental signature is required).

Good luck and enjoy!

Helpful Links:
Doodle 4 Google Official Page | Doodle Gallery Archive