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Computer Class Schoolwork

Check out the schoolwork created by St. Joe HC students in Computer Class!

Class of 2016

We produced animated movies of school/sports with a Catholic twist!
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Class of 2020

Here are poems we typed!


Brooke’s game

I was at the game.

And it  was very lame.


The game was the same.

I came to another game and it was the same.



The hungry man


The hungry man had no food for a week.

The hungry man saw a game of hide and seek.


The hungry man likes to play.

But he likes to lay.


He could not slay the dragon.

When he woke up he was rolling down a hill in a wagon.



The Trip

Me and my family went to a lake.

Then we had some ice cream cake.


I got to sleep in my mother’s bed.

Then I rested my head.


Then I had a crazy dream.

That my family was made out of  ice cream.



The Jaguar

A jaguar hit a stone.

And then the sun shone.


The jaguar thought he was the best.

Then he went home to rest.


He had a wish to get a fish.

He got one and put it on a dish.



My Great Day


One  day I   felt  tired  and  fell  asleep.

When I woke up I herd a beep.


Then I went to school.

Then when I came back I went to the pool.


When I got out I saw a play.

After that I pray

“Good play guys” I said.

Then I went to bed.




My Dog and I

I have a dog.

The dog lays on a log.


The dog plays with me.

The dog has a flea.


The dog is a choclet lab.

The dog can jab.



The fish   


The fish went down the slide

But  then he had to say good  by.


The fish went on the swing

Then he started to sing.


The fish whent to school

When he came back he whent into the pool.



My school


I like my school and my friends.

In school we do not need pens.


I have fun playing!

I have fun praying!


I had fun at school today.

I was getting ready for Lord’s Day.



My cat’s name frute

I have cat name is fruit

The man was kute

I have a  suit



             My day


I woke up in my bead

My dad  said wake up you sleepy head.

At lunch I packed some fruit

I got it on my suit.

I took a test my grade was bad

I was really sad.



The Caterpillar

Noah looked for a caterpillar on the ground.
He looked all around.

Noah found a pile.  They all smiled.

He took the caterpillars on the ark.
Noah named one Mark.



Freckles is my pet.

She does not like the vet.


Freckles can be a little mean.

She used to be like a fat jelly bean.

Freckles pukes if she drinks water to fast.

Then she might settle down at last.



The little   girl

One  day  there was a   little girl
her name was  purl

she was verey   nise
she had  dise.

She  had a dog
and  they   saw   fog  .



The dog

I saw a dog.
He was on a log.

I toke him home.
He runs arownd a comb.

I give him a bath.
His age is one in a half.



       My life

I like to swim at the pool.

Now I have to go to school.


I have a brother he is happy.

My dad is pretty snappy.


I have two sisters their pretty nice.

My mom bought me some new dice.



Class of 2019

Here are biography movies we made with Funny Movie Maker for the iPad!
April, 2013 – 2nd grade

c-of’19 (3)


Class of 2014

Here are movies we made with the Pivot program! 
For all images, click to view.

-March 2013, 7th grade