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7th Biography Project

This page will contain all of the instructions, requirements, due dates, and more for your Biography project.


Your Biography Project must contain the following:

  • Title Page
    • Author’s name
    • Subject’s name
    • Photo
    • Decorations
    • Neat
    • Creative
  • Text of biography is to be 1.5 line spacing.
  • Margins must be 1/2 inch all the way around
  • Footnotes
    • at least 4
      • 2 for sources
      • 2 for other comments/explanations
    • properly cited
  • Links
    • at least 2 integrated into text
    • properly redirected
    • to relevant website
    • Plus all cited sources on Works Cited page that are on the web must be linked
  • Length is to be 800-900 words.
  • Works Cited page.
    • Cite all external sources that you used.
    • Use bullets for each citation.
      • Demonstrate your knowledge of bullets by using a bullet that somehow relates to your subject.
    • Citations must be in correct format.
      • You can use the tools you were shown in class as a model for the format.
    • Anyone must be able to find your source based on your citations.
    • Cited web addresses should be linked to the address.
    • It is a good idea for cited books/articles to also link to their source (example: a book to its listing on Amazon)
    • This page must be last and separate from the rest.
  • Page numbers
    • Each page must be numbered. This must be accomplished through Word, not manually.
    • Page numbers must be at the bottom, in any position.
  • Header/Footers.
    • Each page, through Word, must have at least one header and one footer.
    • Content and position are up to you.
    • Must be visually appealing and flow with the design of the page.
  • Include photographs.
    • One on cover page
    • Between 2-3 in bio body.
      • Must be captioned
        • Caption must be in Word’s photo system
      • Dimensions of photographs cannot exceed 300×300 px.
      • Text must be wrapped tightly around photos.
      • Placement should be visually appealing.
  • Comments
    • Include at least two comments in the body of the biography.
    • These can be from you directly. Examples of content for comments:
      • You can further discuss material you found;
      • You can give your opinion about an event in your subject’s life.
  • Grammar must be flawless.  This includes:
    • Spelling
    • Capitalization
    • Punctuation
    • And all other English grammar rules.
  • Plagiarism
    • Plagiarism, defined as passing off someone else’s work as your own, is not tolerated.
    • You are responsible for everything in your biography.
    • You are welcome to use the work of others’, as long as it is cited properly.
  • Remember the policy with Google and Wikipedia.
    • You are welcome to use these sites for yourself, but not in an official capacity for this project.
    • So if you find something useful there, simply click through to the referred site, and that would be your actual cited source.


Part I


  • Identify at least three sources that you will use in your research.
  • At least 2 must be electronic.
  • At least 1 must not be electronic.

Due November 8


Part II


Create an outline of your biography.
Have at least three main sections.
Use at least 3 different levels.
You are free to use a template.

Due Nov. 15

Part III

Final Version

This is due January 7th, at end of class.
(you will have had over two months, plus over 2 hours of class time.)

Be sure to consult the List of Requirements (above) to ensure you have included everything.