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1st Grade


Mrs. Sarasien and the First Grade welcome you to Saint Joseph Hessen Cassel School.

The theme of the First Grade year is God is Everywhere!  While receiving a balanced
academic program of individualized as well as whole-group instruction, students also
learn that Christ is at the center of all they do. This means that the question, "What
would Jesus do?" might arise during religion, reading, math, social studies, science, or
on the playground.
In the classroom, a variety of activities are utilized, including traditional textbook instruction,
story-writing, computer-based learning, games, and hands-on learning. Students also have
opportunities for learning in gym, music, and art classes, and in the community through field
trips (Kurtz Pumpkin Farm/Meijer, Fox Island) and service activities (Adams Heritage Nursing
Home, Christ Child Society Hats, Scarves, Mittens drive).

We assist the Catholic Church in its mission of teaching the Gospel and support parents in their
obligation as teachers of their children." (school mission statement) I consider my
role as First Grade Teacher to be a vocation, one which puts me on the same team with
parents in the education of their child. Please do not hesitate to contact me if
you would like to learn more about First Grade at Saint Joseph Hessen Cassel.

1st Grade

Mr. Shelburne volunteering to read with 1st Grade!




Our Jack O'Lantern! Students voted on the shapes of the eyes/ears/mouth.

Our Jack O’Lantern! Students voted on the shapes of the eyes/ears/mouth.



Praying at the cemetery for Right to Life, October, 2017

Praying at the cemetery for Right to Life, October, 2017


First Graders prepare to sing in the Saint Joseph Christmas program, December 20, 2016.


First Grade at Kurtz Pumpkin Farm: Students learn about producers of pumpkins, then learn about consumers at Meijer.


First graders learn about places in their community be looking at a map with their Junior Achievement teacher.



Thank you to parents Amber Boggs and Darin Krauss for updating safety features & putting a ‘pop’ in the 1st graders’ reading loft!!! This looks amazing!! Thank you again!!!



Mrs. Carol Sarasien Р1st grade teacher

Email: [email protected]


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Here are links to some webpages we have visited:

ArtPad – Website with unique drawing/painting area

Starfall -Website with reading activities

Khan Academy – to watch instructional videos – don’t forget to login with your Google account!

Memory Match – Helps you learn to use the mouse!

AR book finder website:



Mrs. Sarasien's 1st Grade

Mrs. Sarasien’s 1st Grade