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Academic Bees

Academic Bee Results

Below you will find results for recent bees at our school.
Results are often also posted on our Facebook page.

Congratulations to our winners!

2017-2018 Bee Dates and winners


Geography Bee:  November 22nd at 9:30 AM

Class Room winners are:

8th Grade: Luke Braun and Nelson Knapke

7th Grade: Joseph Dodane and Darsen Girod

6th Grade: Paul Mendez and Olivia M.

5th Grade: Shelby Hanson and Cooper Naatz

4th Grade: Josef Hanson and James Nichter

Geography Bee 2017 Contestants 2


Geography Bee 2017 Top 3 again

School Geography Bee Winners:

1st Place: Luke Braun

2nd Place: Paul Mendez

3rd Place: Joseph Dodane


Spelling Bee: December 6th

Class Room winners are:

8th Grade: Layla Meyer and Hunter Rogers

7th Grade: Darsen Girod and Tanner Whitman

6th Grade: Elizabeth Palumbo and Brooke Sutter

5th Grade:  Cooper Naatz and Christian Rogers



Spelling Bee Winner for the 2017-2018:

Elizabeth Palumbo


History Bee:  December 20th following Mass

Class Room winners are:

8th Grade:  Luke Braun and Drake Lomont

7th Grade:  Joseph Dodane and Nyles Knapke

6th Grade:  Paul Mendez and Elizabeth Palumbo

(JJ Cabral was 3rd and stood in for Elizabeth due to her absence)

5th Grade:  Shelby Hanson and Christian Rogers

4th Grade:  Jacob Krauss and Areanna Williams




School History Bee Winners:

1st Place:   Joseph Dodane

2nd Place: Luke Braun

3rd Place: Nyles Knapke

The following students qualified for the Regional History Bee contest held in Indianapolis on Thursday, April 5th.

8th Graders: Luke Braun and Drake Lomont

7th Graders:  Joseph Dodane and Nyles Knapke

6th Grader:  Paul Mendez


2016-2017 Bee Winners

Geography Bee:  Luke Braun
Spelling Bee:  Elizabeth Palumbo
History Bee:  Luke Braun