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School Board Minutes

On this page we present the minutes to our School Board meetings.
The most recent is first.  See our School Board page for more information.


July 17th,  2013

The meeting opened with a prayer.

In Attendance:  Mrs. Worman, Maria Parsenow, Matt Smith, Chris Dodane, Natalie Haynes, Tracy Sweeney, Michelle Rupright and Fr Kummer. Trica Anderson participated in answering questions the board had.

Rose introduced Father Kummer.   Father would like to have an administrators’ report on each agenda.   He is a huge school guy.   He feels that the school is the best vehicle to pass on the faith.    St. Joseph is a ministry of the parish.

The school board was introduced.   We will determine positions at the next school board meeting.   Chis Dodane is a new member to the school board.  Maria let Rose know that James Ball was interested in being on the board. Rose will reach out to him.  We are still waiting to hear from Laura Schaadt.

Brainstorm Goals for the Year

• We are to all come up with goals for the year.

• Update mission statement and review the statement (last year).

• Get meeting minutes up quicker.

• Meeting was moved to the 3rd Wednesday

• Continue to update the strategic plan

• Brainstorm increasing enrollment

• Provide a newsletter

• Alumni newsletter

Strategic Plan

We need to review multiple topics and review it before the next meeting.    There are multiple things that we can now update.   We will update the plan next week.

Buildings and Grounds

Windows are getting completed.
Gym is painted and decals are on the wall
Tiles will be replaced in the gym free throw area and floors will be waxed.
There were multiple concerns about the softball and soccer fields.   Are teams paying to play here?   Luers does not currently pay.   Mr. Huth, Luers AD, would like to meet with the AD, principal, and priest at HC to set something up for next year.

They are looking into St. John Football also because our kids play on the team at a cost of $75.  However, St. John does not pay rental fees.   Rose will contact St. John about possibly paying for some of the field up keep.

Aaron Rupright will be fixing our bleachers that are in disrepair as his Eagle Scout project.  This will not incur a cost to our parish.

Old Business

The postcard mailing will move forward.

The August 4th Open House and parish picnic will be after the 10:30 mass until 2pm.   This will be an opportunity to meet Father Bill and Mrs. Worman.   We will have flyers for the church bulletin.   Knights of Columbus will provide the meat and everyone is asked to bring a side dish.   Students will be given a coupon for a dress down day if they meet Mrs. Worman and Father Kummer.

Alumni Newsletters

The next newsletter will come out after school starts.  It will focus on the improvements at the school and our new principal.   Future issues will contain a note from a student and a Where Are They Now feature of a former teacher.
Newsletters will be distributed by email, after masses, and through the school email.

Principal’s Report

Rose met with Dave Flapan, our Computer Teacher, and updated the webpage with info on the new principal, 5th grade teacher and Administrator Father Bill Kummer, and removed Fr Ryan. Father Thom’s name is still listed, as he is still our pastor.  Father Kummer will be listed as Father William J. Kummer, Administrator.

Dave set up Mrs. Worman with her own school email.  It is [email protected]

Rose is currently interviewing one family for enrollment with the possibility of
another family next week. One family was recommended by the diocese to SJHC and
another was recommended by a current SJHC parent.

Rose was just interviewed by Today’s Catholic.  She highlighted our four star rating and our awesome teachers.

August 12 will be the official Staff Meeting with all staff and Father Kummer.

Rose is currently exploring the idea of adding Spanish to the school curriculum.  Dave Flapan, who speaks Spanish, has expressed interest in teaching this subject.

They are looking for a few people that are willing to meet with Mr. Meyers about the SGO.

Mrs. Herber will be our new 5th grade teacher.  She was previously at Catholic Schools in Indianapolis.  She will be at our open house.  She was able to meet with Mrs. Wyss for a few hours this week.

We are still in need of a junior high science teacher.  Matt Smith mentioned he had someone that was interested.


The fundraising committee had a fantastic year.   They were able to raise over $22,000.  Only $14,000 was budgeted for the year.  We will continue with the same fundraisers for next year.   They will try to include preschool with the magazine sales.   They are still working on selling banners for the gym.   There have been multiple banners sold.  Some have complained of the cost.  They are considering smaller signs as an option for those businesses.  Due to humidity all caramel corn supplies were donated to the 7th and 8th grade class for Hoagland Days.


HASA had a great year last year, their first.  They will be meeting this week to determine games for the parish picnic.


The meeting ended with a prayer.