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Prepare for Sunday Mass

 Here is a way for your family to prepare for next Sunday’s Mass that involves all age groups. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Break Open the Word  – Read the Gospel assigned for next Sunday.

  2. Listen to the Word  – Reflect upon what you read in the Scripture reading.

  3. Look into Your Life  – Spend the week reflecting upon the Question of the Week


For the week April 10 in preparation for Passion (Palm) Sunday, April 17:


Theme: In Jesus’ sacrifice is our salvation.

Step One: Break Open the Word

Read the Gospel for next Sunday, The Passion of Christ:  

Matthew 27: 11 – 54 (short form)

Step Two: Listen to the Word

As you read the account of the Passion, imagine you are someone in the crowd watching what is happening to Jesus. How does Jesus look? What does He do? How must He feel? What are the soldiers around Him doing and saying? What about His Mother, how is she reacting to what is happening to her Son?

 Step Three: Look into Your Life: The Question of the Week


Question for Children: How can you make sacrifices for the good of others?

Question for Youth: What does the Gospel of the Passion teach you about Jesus and how you should live your life?

Question for Adults: We are called to die to ourselves in love for others. How do you live that in your own life?