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8th Grade Activities Page

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Internet Term Review

On paper, please answer these questions based on class today.  Due: 1-18.

  1. What is the Internet?
  2. What is an Intranet?
  3. A _________________ is a series of connected computers.
  4. Name 2 (of the 3) features that can be shared on a (answer to Q3).
  5. The master computer on which files are kept is called a _______________.
  6. Name three applications of the Internet (we discussed 5 in class).
  7. What is another term for a web address?  (hint:  just the three initials)
  8. What does the term in Q7 stand for (name at least 2 of the 3 words).
  9. What is the name of the type of software that is used to view webpages?
  10. Name three brands of the software from Q9 (we discussed 6 in class).



In a new spreadsheet, you will calculate and display the popular statistics for a baseball team.

  1. Open a new workbook.
  2. Make it have two worksheets.
  3. Type your heading at the top (name, title, due date).
  4. Rename one of the worksheets to Batting.
  5. Rename the other worksheet to Pitching.
  6. Decide which baseball team you will be working with.
  7. Find its official team website here.
  8. In the third row, type the name of the team.
  9. From the team page, grab and save the logo.
  10. A few cells over, insert the logo into your spreadsheet.
    Note:  Due to the online version of Excel not offering this option, this is now EC.
  11. Now type the following as column headings in Row 4.
  12. Player, At-Bats, Hits, Batting Average.
  13. In the column under Player, type the names of 9 players on the team.
  14. In the column under At-Bats and Hits, type the number of At-Bats and Hits that this player had for the season (note which season your are studying).
  15. In the column under Batting Average, write a formula to calculate the batting average of that player (the formula was discussed in class).
  16. Remember to carry out the result to 3 decimal places.
  17. At the bottom of each column, provide the totals.
  18. Go to the Pitching worksheet.
  19. Column headings are Player, Innings Pitched, Earned Runs, ERA.
  20. In the first column, write the names of 3 pitchers from your team.
  21. In the next two columns, fill in the corresponding stats from the 2014 season.
  22. In the last column, write a formula to calculate their Earned Run Average.
  23. EC For extra credit, you may include stats and formulas to calculate the On-Base Percentage of the batters (up to 7 points).


  1. Open a new spreadsheet.
  2. This spreadsheet will simulate statistics for a hypothetical season.
  3. Choose a row to input the following column headings:
  4. Player – Digs  –  Kills  –  Errors  –  Games  –  Dig %  –  Kill %  –  Attack %
  5. Populate the first five columns with the given data below.
  6. Create formulas for each player for each of the three statistical columns according to the volleyball formulas below.
  7. Truncate or expand each percentage to three decimal places.  Use the following methods:
    • For players 1 and 2, format the cells to have the answers end at 3 decimal places.
    • For players 3 and 4, use a function to round the answers at 3 decimal places.
    • For player 5, do the same, but the method is your choice.
  8. Under the last player, type Totals.
  9. Construct formulas to find the total number of Kills and Errors each player was credited/charged with for the team this season.
  10. Construct a formula to find the Attack Percentage for the team for this season.
  11. Make a formula to find the average Kill % this season.
  12. If you’d like to find out more, some of this information was taken fromthis resource.

Player Data for this season (A season consists of 23 games.  All players competed in all games unless otherwise stated):

Debbie had four digs, six kills, and two errors.
Sarah had seven digs, two errors, and nine kills.
Naomi had twelve digs, four errors, and eight kills.
Shayna had five digs, nine kills, two errors, and played in twenty-one games.
Vivian had eleven digs, five errors, and twelve kills.

VB Formulas

Dig Percentage:
# of digs / # of games

Kill percentage:
# of kills / # of games

Attack Percentage:
(# Kills – # Errors) / # games


More Formulas!

On paper, in pencil, answer these questions on your own.
Follow all directions:

Find the LCM for these number sets:

  1. 5, 12
  2. 6, 14, 28
  3. 7, 21, 49, 56
  4. 6, 16, 26, 36

Use Excel to perform these division problems.
Carry out all answers to four decimal places.

  1. 98 / 4
  2. 4 / 98

Answer these questions:

    1. What does TAN stand for?
    2. What is Excel’s description of the formula?
    3. What is the tangent of 83?
    4. Find another interesting formula in the Math category.
      Write what it stands for, and Excel’s description.

Convert to Roman numerals:

    1. 718
    2. 2349

Extra Credit:

  1. 5802

Handy Guide:
List of functions we have learned so far (and are responsible for):