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5th Grade Tech Activities Page

Spelling Fun!

Answer the following questions on paper to be turned in Jan. 18
You can use any program, or multiple programs to complete.
Options:  Open Office Writer, MS Word installed, MS Word online.

  1. What is the keyboard shortcut for spell-check?
  2. Under what pull-down menu or tab is spell check?
  3. What color is the squiggly line that indicates a misspelled word?
  4. What color is the squiggly line that indicates incorrect grammar?
  5. If spell-check flags your name as being misspelled, but you know it is spelled correctly, and you are at home, what should you do?
  6. If the situation in Q5 comes up at school, what should you do?
  7. If you were to spell check the following sentence, “I don’t know why your mad,” what would happen?  Would it be correct?
  8. Spell check the word “edable.”   How many suggestions are offered?
  9. Which word would you select if you wanted to meaning “able to eat”?
  10. What button on the spell-check box would you click?

Formatting Activity

Do all work on the computer, do not print.
Type all of the sentences, with question numbers, exactly as they appear.
Then change their formatting to make them true!  Changes made should only be the ones specified.

Due Jan. 4

1.    This sentence is typed with all of the defaults.

2.    This sentence is typed with a font size of 23.

3.    This sentence is typed with the Forte font style.

4.    This sentence is italicized.

5.    This sentence is typed in the color green.

6.    This sentence is bold.

7.    This sentence is underlined in the default style.

8.    This sentence has the background of the color yellow.

9.    This sentence has the word sentence is superscript, and the word behavior in subscript.

10.   This sentence is crossed out.


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