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SGO Scholarship Info

Here is how to check to see if your family would qualify for an SGO scholarship (voucher). If your adjusted gross income is not over the 200% as listed on the Indiana School Choice website and your student has not received and SGO in the past, follow these steps:

  1. Apply online at Facts Management
  2. Click on Parents and Students
  3. Click on Grand and Aid Assessment
  4. Complete the application online
  5. Ensure to check Yes to applying for the SGO
  6. Fax or upload your 2013 tax information
  7. Pay the fee of $30

If your family did receive an SGO last year, and you have not applied for the upcoming 2014-15 school year, please call the school (639-3580) to set up and appointment with Principal Worman. Don’t forget to bring in a copy of your 2013 tax return.

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